Sebastian Gramss & Joëlle Léandre „Double The Doublebass“

Doublebass player Sebastian Gramss has established a concert series, named „Double The Doublebass“. He regularly invites fellow bass players for duo projects and short tours. Gramss already played with Barre Phillips, Tetsu Saitō, William Parker, Mark Dresser, and in January 2018 he is on tour with the french bass player Joëlle Léandre. Here some images … Read more

Christian Burchard (RIP)

Christian Burchard (* 17. Mai 1946 in Hof, Bayern; † 17. Januar 2018) was the founder and head of the worldmusic band „Embryo“ and played with some jazz musicians, too. Amongst them Mal Waldron. Both met in the 1960s for the first time and did some records together .        

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