Sebastian Gramss – States of Play / Rehearsal 2017

In autumn 2017, I had the chance to accompany two days of rehearsals with nine of the finest jazz musicians I know. A project, put together by Sebastian Gramss.

Sebastian Gramss is one of the most creative and active double bass players on the current jazz scene. His latest project „States of Play“ assembles a unique ensemble: 2 congenial rhythm sections and a horn trio. A nonet, with Sebastian Gramss, bass / Christian Ramond, bass/ Rudi Mahall, cl / Valentin Garvie, tp / Pierre Borel, sx / Tobias Hoffmann, gt / Philip Zoubek, p / Etienne Nillesen, dr / Dominik Mahnig, dr.

„The focus of STATES OF PLAY is the radical manipulation of the essential architecture of music and the organic metamorphosis of output sounds. The anatomy of music, the melodies, rhythms and grooves, is decomposed in real-time in its basis and reassembled again and again.
In the course of these mutations, an unheard-of polyrhythmic / macro-polyphonic music emerges, which develops itself from familiar structures more and more constantly and is always composed into new constellations.“

It might be extreme
Extremely dynamic
Fast Gentle Aggressive
Extremely soft
It might be irritating