Tobias Hoffmann Trio @ „Jazz im Busch“ Mannheim 180316

Cologne based guitar player Tobias Hoffmann played with his Trio in Mannheim @ „Jazz im Busch“ – a concert series organised by Steffen Rosskopf.I really enjoy this great band with Hoffmann on guitar, Frank Schönhofer on bass and Etienne Nillesen on drums. The trio played classic songs with a wide range from Willie Dixon’s Blues … Read more

Root 70 @ Klapsmühl Mannheim 180313

Hayden Chisholm (Root 70) - Photo: Schindelbeck

If I had to name a handful of bands that enrich German jazz with an independent and over the years consistent voice, then Root 70 would be there. But: it’s an international band – two members originally came from New Zealand, two from Germany, but one is now in Zurich and the other one in … Read more

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