Hayden Chisholm & Kalle Kalima Duo @ Jazz & The City Salzburg 2017

It was an impressive and unique concert at Jazz & The City Salzburg: Hayden Chisholm (sx) and Kalle Kalima (gt) for the very first time together as a duo. Two outstanding improvisers in a very special setting at „Braugaststätte Krimpelstätter„, with a mixed audience: jazz afficionados and „normal“ people. The latter maybe surprised to hear … Read more

Kuu! (Kuljic, Kalima, Möbus, Lillinger) – Photos

  Berlin based band KUU! with Jelena Kuljic – Vocals, Kalle Kalima – Guitar, Frank Möbus – Guitar and Christian Lillinger – Drums. Self-description: „This music is its own theatre, hectic modern noir.“ Images from Jazz & The City Salzburg 2017.  

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