January 2018

Gramss / Nillesen / Hoffmann

21. January 2018 Jazz live, Jazz Portrait

Sebastian Gramss / Etienne Nillesen / Tobias Hoffmann (autumn 2017 in Heidelberg).      

Sebastian Gramss & Joëlle Léandre “Double The Doublebass”

20. January 2018 Jazz Portrait

Doublebass player Sebastian Gramss has established a concert series, named “Double The Doublebass”. He regularly invites fellow bass players for duo projects and short tours. Gramss already played with Barre Phillips, Tetsu Saitō, William Parker, Mark Dresser, and in January 2018 he is on tour with the french bass player Joëlle Léandre. Here some images of their concert at Jazz Institute Darmstadt (180119).    

Christian Burchard (RIP)

18. January 2018 Jazz live, Jazz Portrait

Christian Burchard (* 17. Mai 1946 in Hof, Bayern; † 17. Januar 2018) was the founder and head of  the worldmusic band “Embryo” and played with some jazz musicians, too. Amongst them Mal Waldron. Both met in the 1960s for the first time and did some records together .        

Rudi Mahall, bcl/cl

14. January 2018 Jazz Portrait

Rudi Mahall (oh yeah, one of a few musicians without a website) is one of my most photographed motives. He just plays in too many bands I like: Underkarl, Fossile 3, Der rote Bereich, Monk’s Casino, Die Enttäuschung – just to name a few. This series is something special: Rudi’s speech at the award ceremony for the SWR Jazzpreis 2014, which he received 2014. Some “instrumental photos” will follow in another gallery…      

Matthias Bergmann, tp

14. January 2018 Jazz Portrait

Matthias Bergmann, trumpet player from Cologne.  

Sebastian Böhlen, gt

14. January 2018 Jazz Portrait

Guitar player Sebastian Böhlen.

Atsushi Tsuyama

13. January 2018 Jazz live, Jazz Portrait

Atsushi Tsuyama, japanese multi-instrumentalist, based in Kansai and besides his musical skills known for his whacky sense of humour. This photo from a concert with Acid Mothers Guru Guru (with famous drummer Mani Neumeier).

Stucky, FM Einheit & La Cetra in Wien (Porgy & Bess 04.01.2018)

13. January 2018 Jazz live, Jazz Portrait

Erika Stucky, FM Einheit and La Cetra Barockensemble played at Porgy & Bess in Vienna (a few words in german @ www.jazzpages.com)

Die Strottern & Jazzwerkstatt Wien (Porgy & Bess 07.01.2018)

10. January 2018 Jazz live, Jazz Portrait

Die Strottern (Klemens Lendl, voc & viol and David Müller, voc & gt) and Jazzwerkstatt Wien (musicians of the jazz collective from Vienna) played their annual new year concert at one of europe’s finest jazzclubs, Porgy & Bess. The combination is unique: Die Strottern are representatives of the modern “Wiener Lied” (The traditional viennese song spreads coziness and humor and has the city of Vienna or something characteristic Viennese on the subject, e.g. love, death, wine and the city itself.Read More

Clemens Wenger

8. January 2018 Jazz live, Jazz Portrait

Clemens Wenger  is a piano and keyboard player from Vienna. He is working in various bands (e.g. Die Strottern and Jazzwerkstatt Wien) and published in 2015 the first CD under his name “Neapel“. Which is – in my opinion – brilliant, with strong melodies, intelligent use of electronics and a bunch of excellent co-musicians.