December 2017

Mani Neumeier

30. December 2017 Jazz Portrait

Mani Neumeier Celebrating his 77th birthday on December, 31st, 2017

Roswell Rudd * 17. November 1935 † 22. Dezember 2017

22. December 2017 Jazz Portrait

Trombone player Roswell Rudd died on December, 21st, 2017. Rest in Peace.

Alexander von Schlippenbach

21. December 2017 Jazz Portrait

Alexander von Schlippenbach was awarded the “Verdienstorden der Bundesrepublik Deutschland” (German Order of Merit) for his outstanding contribution to the cultural live in Germany and his important role for the German and European jazz

Jutta Glaser & Claus Boesser-Ferrari

21. December 2017 Jazz Portrait

A brilliant duo, not often playing together these days: Jutta Glaser (voc) & Claus Boesser-Ferrari (gt). Here in an image – low light & grainy – at bermudafunk, the local Heidelberg / Mannheim free radio station, where I host a weekly jazz show (

Erwin Ditzner – Lömsch Lehmann – TC Debus

21. December 2017 Bandphoto, Jazz Portrait

Erwin Ditzner (dr), Lömsch Lehmann (sx, cl) and Matthias TC Debus (b) are playing a new programme: “Die Motive des Richard W.”, which is inspired by the music of Richard Wagner. Here some images from a session, which took place in Ludwigshafen Pfalzbau (1712)

Lömsch Lehmann

19. December 2017 Jazz Portrait

My friend Lömsch Lehmann, December 2017

Erwin Ditzner

17. December 2017 Jazz Portrait

My friend, drummer Erwin Ditzner, December 2017.

Musician behind a mask

16. December 2017 Jazz Portrait

Nobody will never guess, who is hidden behind this mask…

Heinz Sauer & Uwe Oberg – CD Release “Sweet Reason”

  Heinz Sauer (saxophone) and Uwe Oberg (piano) played their cd release concert for “Sweet Reason” (Jazzwerkstatt Berlin) at Jazzinstitut Darmstadt on 17/12/15.  

Kuu! (Kuljic, Kalima, Möbus, Lillinger) – Photos

14. December 2017 Jazz & The City, Jazz live

  Berlin based band KUU! with Jelena Kuljic – Vocals, Kalle Kalima – Guitar, Frank Möbus – Guitar and Christian Lillinger – Drums. Self-description: “This music is its own theatre, hectic modern noir.” Images from Jazz & The City Salzburg 2017.